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GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Intro Kit

GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Intro Kit

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The GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Intro Kit includes:

- One All Purpose Microfibre Cleaning Pad 

- One 2 oz bottle of G2 Fluid with mist spray applicator.

- Record label protector mask

- GrooveWasher Record Cleaning Booklet

G2 Fluid Science:

The GrooveWasher G2 Fluid is the result of years of research and testing. The selection of ingredients was guided by the formulations of the D series fluids of the 1970s. G2 Fluid is designed for maximum cleaning effectiveness of the delicate vinyl surface and microgroove. Anti-static action on contact. Honest cleaning to release the honest sound of the recording.

G2 does not fix scratches or scuffs. Once the analog signal in the microgroove is lost, nothing will recover it. 

A two ounce spray bottle has more than 300 fine mist sprays. Enough to clean both sides of 50 records! (YMMV). 2 oz-4 oz Combo Fluid Packs and 8 ounce refill bottles are available for separate purchase.

Some vinyl record cleaning fluids on the market today are plain distilled water. Or worse, have a high level of alcohol which is an ineffective cleaner and can harm vinyl records. Some can leave a layer in the microgroove that reduces sound fidelity. 

G2 Fluid Contains:

• Surfactants: State of the art surfactants, designed to dissolve the oils from fingerprints and effectively clean the vinyl record's delicate surface.

• Super wetting agents: A specialty chemical combined with a blending agent that reduces the fluid's viscosity so it can penetrate to the bottom of the microgroove and spread the G2 Fluid across the record evenly. 

• Emulsifiers: Holds the oils, dirt, mildew and microdust particles in suspension until the microfiber fabric cleaning pad absorbs and pulls the contaminants from the record surface. The emulsifiers restore the record's natural shiny surface. 

• Purified, deionized water: Deionized water is the best carrier for the active cleaning ingredients and eliminates static electric charges on the record's surface on contact.


Cleaning Pad Design & Science:

The GrooveWasher cleaning pads feature the highest quality split microfiber and other absorbent fabrics. These fabrics are effective in removing the contaminants borne in the G2 Fluid from the record's microgroove. The cleaning pads are hand made in Groovewasher's plant in North Kansas City, MO, USA.

Scan the QR Code for Record Cleaning Instructions.

"GrooveWasher is the best manual record cleaner on Earth. And likely Mars and Jupiter too." Nate Goyer, The Vinyl Guide Podcast

Designed and hand crafted by GrooveWasher in North Kansas City, MO, USA.


Plastic-free cardboard box packaging.

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Condition Grading

Condition grading of preloved vinyl

We grade the cover (sleeve) and vinyl (record) separately, so you know what you’re getting.

The price label will show an abbreviated rating – first, the rating for the cover, and second, a rating for the vinyl record (e.g. VG/VG+).

The grading categories are:

Near Mint (NM)

The cover (sleeve) should have no creases, folds, seam splits, or noticeable defects.

The record will be in near perfect condition with no imperfections during playback. It may have evidence of slight handling.

Very Good Plus (VG+)

The cover may have slight wear, indents, cut marks or a slight split seam.

The record will show some signs that it has been played. Any defects should be cosmetic and not affect playback. The record may show some signs of wear and have slight scuffs or very light scratches that don't affect the listening experience.

Very Good (VG)

The cover may have some signs of wear and noticeable indentations or cut marks. Any ring wear should be faint. Labels may be marred by writing or have tape or stickers (or their residue) attached.

The record may emit surface noise upon playing, especially in soft passages and during a song's intro and fade but will not overpower the music. Groove wear will start to be noticeable, as with light scratches that will affect the sound.

Good Plus (G+), Good (G)

The sleeve will have seam splits. Tape, writing, ring wear, or other defects will be present.

A record in Good or Good Plus condition can be played through without skipping. But it will have significant surface noise, scratches, and visible groove wear.

Fair (F), Poor (P)

The sleeve barely keeps the record inside it. Inner sleeves are fully split, crinkled, and written upon.

The record is cracked, badly warped, and won't play through without skipping or repeating. The picture sleeve is water damaged, split on all three seams and heavily marred by wear and writing.