Women in Music

Women in Music

In the music industry, there is a large disparity between the sexes. Women represent less than one-third of artists in the music world today. Perhaps more concerning is that women make up only around 12.6% of songwriters and fewer than 3% of producers that have been on the charts, between the years of 2012 and 2020. As a result, most of the music found in most record stores has been produced or performed by men.

A male-dominated music industry implies that the societal influences exerted by popular music are primarily presented through a male lens. This skews the overall musical expressions of humanity and does everyone a disservice, especially to women, whose voices are less-well represented. Suffragette Records wants to rectify (or, at least, highlight) this bias by celebrating and elevating the awesome contributions to music by women.

Given the male-dominance in the music industry, it follows that a typical record store may be expected to have only 20% (or so) of records in the store made by women. Plenty carry less. In contrast, at Suffragette Records, 100% of our musical wares were primarily performed or produced by women. No more flipping through bins of vinyl searching for that lone record by a woman. Flipping through our crates will present a unique experience that we hope with inspire visitors to better appreciate the depth and breadth of music by women.

In our experience centring the stories and voices of women, in the media you consume, can shift your perspective for the better. It's our belief that we can't fully address issues like climate change until we address social justice and equity, and smash the patriarchy. It begins with the stories and songs we tell, sing and hear.

We want your experience in perusing and buying records to be easy and enjoyable. We're a music-snob-free zone and we're bloody enthusiastic about music by women. Feel free to ask us to source your faves, have a listen in-store, or just come in and marvel at the awesome body of work represented in our catalogue. Everyone is welcome.
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